Open Letter to Wolfgang Schäuble, German Minister of Finance.


28 March 2013

To Wolfgang Schäuble, German Minister of Finance, .



      For your information, since our greek-speaking, anti-hellenic, tiny leaders are incapable of representing us because of being etrusted and dedicated to the knee-bending and penitence imposed on them by their boss (the feminin neo-Hitler), I am writng to you the following:

    As a Hellen, I feel obliged and rather I am doing you honor, to inform and reassure you that:
    The Hellenic Nation at least, (and I suppose, many other European Nations as well) doesn’t have the slightest envy for the German Nation, since the meaning of the words History and Civilization are competely unknown to you. Contrary to Germany, whose only “contribution” to Humanity was and still is to repeatedly bloodshed the People of Europe, Hellas has created, taught and offered the Light of Civilization to the whole Planet Earth.

     What Hellas received in return of your barbarian invasion, was extended genocide, the diminishing of all its material infrastucture, the looting of its Cultural Heritage and the robbery of its Economical Wealth which you named “occupation loan” and until now that you “wave your finger” to us, you haven’t repay it back maybe because you just feel that in your dirty hands is “safer” and “more usefull”.

     Of course I have to stress to you that this money together with the War Reparations that have been litigated but you also haven’t repayed, are chargeable and will be claimed to the last dime by the Greek Citizens as soon as the real Democracy be reinstated in our Country.

     Yet, I might be able to understand the slanderous insults you unleash at times against us, due to the complexes pervading you, because you never managed to overcome the fact that our small in size and population but enormous in lifeblood Hellas, became unapproachable hurdle to the aspirations of your barbarous ancestors.

     So put this well in your “mind”…, no true Hellen would ever envy or desire to become a German, unlike you who no matter how hard you try, you will never -ever- become a Hellen.
These are the little details that highlight the tremendous distance of time Germany has to travel, to be able to just barely stare from afar the …back of our country, Hellas.

Good Luck!

Ioannis Ach. Charchalos