Letter to the Citizens of the Member -States of the European Union

Letter to the Citizens of  the Member -States of the European Union

Sep 30, 2012

           We are ordinary Greek Citizens and we are addressing all the ordinary Citizens of the Member-States of the European Union.

           Purpose of this letter is to restore the real image of our Country, the Historic Greece of Culture, Literature, Dignity, Solidarity, Hospitality and of Love for the Fellow-Man.

          We are a group of  a People Untamed, Spoiled, Stubborn, Undisciplined, Ungrateful, who do not let those who know better than us to look after us.

           This is the opinion that have been molded for the whole of Greek Citizens by the Partners and “our Friends” German Nazi “Politicians” and they take great care of propagading it in the worst manner to all the European Citizens -German citizens not excluded- with infamy guided publications through the dependent upon  their Rotten Established Fasist System of measly importance and reputation Media.

            Because we realize the “Pure” intensions the Partners and “Friends” have for the Greek Citizens, we speculate that they inadvertently haven’t used the correct words and haven’t ascribed the precise meanings, while trying to delineate the profile of a People.

            We will try to correct them using the approppriate words and by ascribing the precise notion, to form the right image of a People with  History of thousands of years.

            We are not Untamed, We are Unintegrated.

            Which means that they could not, cannot and will not manage to integrate us inside a strictly limited part of a Putrid Paranoic Establishment they have created to control our Lives, to determine our Destiny and to realize their Greedy interests!!!

            We are not Spoiled, rather “Pampered” we ‘d say.

Because, in every way, every moment, we Strive to Live a better Life for us and the forthcoming Generations, bringing back and reinstating Democracy to the Country that gave birth to it, but unfortunately some Collaborators self-appointed Saviors, managed -in its name- to demolish it at the expense of an entire People…!!!

           We are not Stubborn. We are Antifascistes.

          Which means that no matter how much they try to violently inforce their unilateral fascist points of view and practices, we will not allow them to succed.

          We are not Undisciplined. We are Intelligent Free Men(Citizens).

          In a few words, we are not Lifeless Electronic Robots, so they give  orders through keyboard for us to execute with absolute accuracy. If this is what the Partners and “our Friends” are dreaming of, then, they better have to wake up because they are in the wrong dream where we the Greek Citizens, unfortunately for them, we are …Absent!!!

            We Greek Citizens first of all, we are Intelligent People with fully developed the sense of Freedom. We do not beg. We demand to have the  last word for whatever is going to happen related to our Lives and the Life of the forthcoming Generations and we do not allow for decisions being taken for us, without us.

            Democracy necessitates  Citizens to codecision and we are not negotiating this with absolutely nobody, as they shouldn’t negotiate it all the Citizens of all the Countries who wish and must be Free.

             We are “Ungrateful”. We do not deny it.

           We humbly “Apologize” for not showing the appropriate gratitude for the “Services” we have been offered, while in the recent past, about 72 (seventy two) years before, their Military Hordes had contributed in transforming our Country, the Beautiful and Proud Greece, to a vast worksite full of debris and wreakage, creating in this way “plenty of hardware for its reconstruction”, of which “they pride themselves” today for  having helped us succed in!!!

           We humbly “Apologize” for not showing the appropriate gratitude, when they “Helped us renewing our population” ravaging thousands of our Brave Ancestors, who gave their lives for us to be Free!!!

            We humbly “Apologize” for not showing the appropriate gratitude, when under the Threat of Arms they obligated us to give them whatever Treasure there was in the safebox of our Central Bank, “protecting it from possable robbery”, which they haven’t returned to us until today, because in their filthy hands they consider it to be more “Safe”!!!

            We humbly “Apologize” because the “chronic Inflexibility” troubling the Genuine Greek Citizens, prevents us from submiting our respects. (Unfortunately for us, there is a weak minority of “Healthy, Collaborating fellow-citizens”, known as Osfyokamptes, who do not stop bowing to this very day).

             We are ordinary Greek Citizens.

            We are Proud of our Country,  our Origins and our History. We are Proud of our Customs and Traditions.

           We invite you to visit our Coutry, the Beautiful and Hospitable Greece, to see closely our Monuments and Civilization.  Enjoy its Natural Charms, know better the ordinary Greek citizens and their way of living.

           Get to know us and form your own opinion about us. Do not allow to be mislead by those who -certainly but unsuccessfully- try to mislead our opinion for you.

            We Love all ordinary people of all the Countries of the World and we are Pleased with their progress and achievements.

            We are ready and willing, at any time, to support them in difficult moments, if they also wish for it.

            We have not and we will never try to change them, imposing with Force our Points of view and Practices.

           We only demand to be Respected our Human Right to Think, to Decide, to Speak and Live Freely.


P.S.    Finally We, the Genuine Greek Citizens, are in the possition to reassure the Partners and “Friends” German Nazi “Politicians” and their Domestic Collaborators self-appointed “Saviors”, that we will….

                                                                 ….relieve them -in any case and in every way- from the responsibility of taking care of our “well being”, since this responsibility is primarily been for us, the Highest Tribute to our Ancestors and weighs upon us as the least obligation to the forthcoming Generations…

          …They will always encounter us in their passing, when the conditions are growing up and the circumstances are demanding…..


                        We sincerely thank you for

                        spending the time to read

                                      our letter.